Fifteen years ago, Marjory Macpherson was forced to marry rival clansman Ewen Cameron after he killed her family. When Ewen is seriously injured and wakes up a different man, Marjory has no idea what to make of this person she has loathed for so long.

Dazed by his surroundings, Ewen recalls just enough to know he was not born a warrior in medieval Scotland. His nightmares hint at some great tragedy, but all he knows is that he must help Marjory battle "his" family and regain control of her home. But ancient Scottish feuds do not end so easily.

With the Cameron clan and Ewen's longtime mistress bent on avenging his "accident," it will take all of Cameron's and Marjory's strength to outwit them. But Marjory's ultimate test of faith awaits—she must learn to trust her heart enough to let Cameron face his own truth in a different time.

Davis weaves a tale of adventure as Cameron and Marjory discover the truth surrounding their parents' deaths and learn of love and trust. This fast-paced book is a perfect choice for an afternoon's read. SENSUAL (Dec. '03, 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black