Image of Wild Instinct


Image of Wild Instinct

Three new weres with special talents
join the wolves introduced in Running Wild in a trio interwoven tales filled
with danger and intrigue. Witty dialogue and fast-paced action complement the multidimensional characters in these emotional stories. Although not plentiful, the sex scenes are well written.

"Garrett" has found his mate in Sarah Anne, who shares his telepathic abilities. But her son is missing and her daughter might be the prophesied child who could endanger them all.

"Daire" saves Teri's life, but it's a choice made at the cost of her unborn child, and she believes he bonded with her out of necessity rather than desire. "Curran" is charged with finding Rachel, who's on the run with Sarah Anne's son. When he finds them, he can't convince her she's his mate, nor that he's really taking them home. (HEAT, Dec., 320 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown