The O'Malley Saga draws to a close with the mass market release of WILD JASMINE, the tale of Skye O'Malley's granddaughter whose beauty, sensuality and penchant for adventure make her a true O'Malley!

Raised in India as the daughter of a King, Yasaman grows into a stunning beauty, adored by her father who has never stopped loving her mother (Skye's daughter, Velvet), desired by her half-brother and beloved by her husband. When her lord is murdered, she flees her homeland for England.

Changing her name to Jasmine, the exotic flower finally meets her renowned grandmother Skye O'Malley de Marisco. Well educated, courageous and more than simply beautiful, Jasmine is Skye's dream come true and the biggest surprise of Velvet's life. Thrust into a new family, Jasmine uses her intelligence to combat her step-sister Sybelle's ruthless schemes and becomes enmeshed in court intrigue. Her lushness attracts Lord Rowan and James Leslie, the lusty Earl of Glenkirk, plunging her into a scandalous night of passion with one man and then betrothal to the other.

Rowan is a wonderful husband and their life in Ireland is full until he is killed. Once more Jasmine is plunged into the intricate web of King James' court and learns that the blood of her grandmother, which thrives on adventure and sensuality, runs in her veins.

WILD JASMINE is a fitting conclusion to one of romance's greatest series and contains each and every hallmark of the marvelous Bertrice Small. This is a true joy to read and a treasure to keep. SPICY (Apr., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin