Image of Wild Jinx


Image of Wild Jinx

Little Tee-John is all grown up and breaking hearts in this newest Bayou sizzler. Hill takes the secret baby plot and gives it her own brand of wacky Cajun flair. Not only is the LeDeux clan up to their usual antics, but so is the Jinx gang. This is the cure for the common blues!

An undercover bust and an out-for-revenge college fling land detective John LeDeux in hot water. Now he must lay low prior to testifying in a sex club trial, and as luck would have it, his rascally Tante Lulu has hired treasure hunters Jinx, Inc., to look for pirate treasure in Bayou Black, so John joins the hunt.

Reporter Celine Arseneaux is also given marching orders to document the hunt, which she does reluctantly. Not only is she fighting her longstanding attraction to John, she's also wallowing in guilt over her secret: Because of her grandfather's hatred of the LeDeux family, Celine has never told John about his son. But with Tante Lulu brewing up juju love potions and praying to St. Jude, John and Celine don't stand a chance! (GRAND CENTRAL, Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith