The conclusion to Armstrong’s dark, gripping and morally ambiguous trilogy featuring ex-cop turned hit-woman Nadia Stafford has arrived. The events in her past take an unforeseen twist, forcing a reexamination of everything readers have learned in the series thus far. Armstrong has created an amazingly layered anti-heroine who, despite her occupation, wants to serve some true justice. Gritty suspense with a vigilante edge makes this a genuinely unforgettable read.

For two decades, Nadia has wanted justice for her murdered cousin, Amy. Sadly, at the time, the system failed; Drew Aldrich got off and then disappeared. When her mentor and friend Jack gets a lead on Drew’s current whereabouts, Nadia is offered the opportunity to exact vengeance. Surprisingly, Drew recognizes Nadia through her disguise when she and Jack are stalking him. They arrive at Drew’s house to find him already dead — someone else dished out the retribution. Suddenly, there is a contract out on Nadia and information comes to light that changes everything Nadia thought she knew about those long-ago horrific events. (PLUME, Dec., 400 pp., $9.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith