One of the key mysteries of the Hunter Kiss novels has been the truth about Maxine Kiss’ genetic heritage. Clues have been dropped, but in the third chapter of this amazing series, real answers are given. Liu’s craftsmanship grows with each novel, but it is the emotional undertones that give this story its devastating kick. Truly one of the most darkly intense and spellbinding series in UF today! Every Liu book should be an auto-buy!

After celebrating her birthday, demon hunter Maxine Kiss awakens covered in blood next to her grandfather Jack’s murdered body, with gaping holes in her memory. Maxine doesn’t even remember her lover and soul mate, the Lightbringer Grant. Even the boys, the five little demons who cover Maxine’s skin like tattoos, aren’t talking. As Maxine tries to find the answers behind Jack’s death and her missing memories, she learns the first ring of the prison wall holding in the demons is failing. Is there any way to stop the invading demons? More importantly, are they only the precursors for the arrival of the terrifying Reaper Kings? (ACE, Aug., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith