The Carr brothers are sinfully sexy, with an old-school charm that makes them want to sweep Emma off of her feet and take care of her — not to say that Emma is a damsel in distress. She is still sassy and a fun character. With an interesting plot and plenty of heat, this is a good read. The only sour note is Emma’s ex-boyfriend, who is so over-the-top evil that he detracts from the story.

Emma Rand is devastated when she is diagnosed with a fatal disease and her boyfriend dumps her. Before she dies, Emma wants to fulfill her lifelong dream of writing a book. She moves to Forever, Texas, for peace and quiet. Emma meets Jackson, Jayden and Jacob Carr, who realize she is their mate. It’s hard for the werewolf shifters to tell Emma their secret, especially since she is keeping one of her own. What will Emma say when they show her their abilities, and will she agree to stay with them forever? (SIRENPUBLISHING.COM, dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak