Image of Wild Man (Dream Man)


Image of Wild Man (Dream Man)

Hot new star Ashley’s Dream Man series continues with the second installment, featuring agent Brock “Slim” Lucas — first introduced in Mystery Man. Trust is rightly a big issue for this book’s heroine, and unfortunately for Brock, circum-stances and his behavior make this a big black mark against him. If alpha heroes are your thing, then Ashley delivers big time. Settle in and savor!

Tess O’Hara is horrified to discover that “Jake,” the lover she thought she knew, is in fact undercover DEA agent Brock Lucas who is investigating her ex-husband, Damian Heller, as a drug kingpin. Three months after this ugly revelation, Brock shows up in Tess’ bakery determined to restart their relationship. Brock knows he hurt Tess and realizes it will take time to rebuild that trust. Tess’ heart and faith in him have been battered, but there is something about Brock that makes it difficult to refuse him. However, there is danger surrounding Tess, as Damian is a man who refuses to let go. (FOREVER, Nov., 528 pp., $7.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith