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by Robyn Carr

Genre: Contemporary Romance, General Contemporary Romance
Sensuality: MILD

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For fans of the Virgin River series, Carr’s latest book is like slipping on a comfy pair of slippers. With the familiar and favorite characters as a backdrop, the newest couple stars in a well-done story of opposites attracting.

Colin Riordan is physically recuperating from a horrible helicopter crash while soothing his soul by painting wildlife, which leads him to PR guru Jillian Matlock. They meet when she discovers him looking for inspiration on the property that she’s renting and turning into a large garden.

Jillian is working to recuperate, too, from a disastrous affair that broke her heart and may have ended her career. From the start, Jillian and Colin agree that their relationship is a temporary one because they each have plans to return to their “old” lives. But plans were meant to be changed as their hearts turn to love in Virgin River. (MIRA, Feb., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed By: M.H. Morrison

Publisher: MIRA

Published: February 2011

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3 Stars

Average Rating: 3 Stars
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Wild Man Creek

Submitted by Robin in PA on February 8, 2013 - 10:25pm.

Severely injured in a helicopter crash, Colin Riordan goes to Virgin River to recuperate. Painting pictures of wildlife while he heals, Colin sets up his easel in a field owned by Jillian Matlock, a woman who is getting over the loss of her career. There is an immediate connection between Colin and Jillian, neither of which are looking for a commitment. Soon they are embarking on a relationship they know will be ending in the near future.

I was looking forward to this book since the Riordan brothers are some of my favorite characters in the series. I liked Colin but I found Jillian to be too driven. She plants a garden in the backyard of her rented home. Soon she has planted several acres with exotic vegetables, set up a couple greenhouses and hired an assistant, sinking big bucks into the project in hopes of starting a business. I can't imagine anyone jumping into a business where they have no background. I was also a bit bored with all the gardening information. Maybe that is because I do not have a green thumb. My rating: 3.5 Stars.