Image of The Wild Marquis (The Burgundy Club)


Image of The Wild Marquis (The Burgundy Club)

Neville brings on the sizzle along with an intriguing and unique Regency backdrop -- a nobleman's "addiction" to rare book collecting -- in the well-crafted start to the Burgundy series.

Cain, the Marquis of Chase, enjoys being a rogue but has a serious goal: to reclaim a family heirloom -- a rare, beautiful medieval manuscript. When it comes up for auction, he hires expert Juliana Merton to be his agent. Recently widowed, Juliana knows all about Chase's reputation, and as she begins teaching him the value of collecting books she sees the man beneath the rake. But as they become close, strange accidents occur and Chase becomes Juliana's protector as well as lover. Keeping her safe while obtaining his manuscript leads them into danger. (AVON, Mar., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin