Amelia is all Cynster and determined to find her own husband: a man who loves her for her. Since she hasn't found him in all the "right" places, she decides to go looking in all the wrong ones, starting with a notorious gaming hall.

From the shadows comes Lord Martin Fulbridge, Earl of Dexter, who offers to be her gambling partner. They are perfect together and Amelia knows she has found the man she wants, but getting him to commit his heart is another matter.

As the game is played, Amelia learns of Martin's secret scandalous past and wounded spirit. She also learns of passion from his etchings and his skills at making her burn with desire, but she cannot get him to say "I love you."

Those Cynsters continue to steal our hearts in their latest, the first in a duet centering on the twin cousins Amelia and Amanda. Sensual, emotional, irresistible, ON A WILD NIGHT is pure Laurens magic and destined for the "keeper" shelf. Ms. Laurens' talent for heating up the pages, knowledge of the era and ability to bring characters to life are just what we desire. SENSUAL (Apr., 406 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin