Lord Gareth de Monteforte has no idea what responsibility really means. His idea of living is having fun and thus he has been dubbed "The Wild One" by friends and family. But when his recently deceased brother's fiance arrives with her infant daughter, he has a sudden change of heart.

With nowhere to turn, Juliet Paige makes the harrowing journey from colonial Boston to England in hopes of finding a home for her child. When her stagecoach is set upon by highwaymen, Juliet courageously fights them off, with help from a passing nobleman; Gareth.

Gareth is appalled when his eldest brother, Lucien, wants to turn Juliet and little Charlotte away. He follows her, planning to wed her himself and find a way to support his instant family. This is something new for the black sheep of the family; and just what Lucien wanted.

However, after spending their wedding night in a bordello and being evicted after Gareth gets involved in a brawl, Juliet begins to wonder how they will manage. Then Gareth takes a job as a prize fighter for an unscrupulous villain and discovers the courage to fight for his family and his life.

Danelle Harmon's new series about the de Monteforte men is sure to win readers' enthusiasm. You'll be intrigued by these men and the world in which they live. Ms. Harmon brings an England at war to readers in a new and exciting light with characters who shine and a story that enthralls. I'll be eagerly looking forward to the next volume in this chronicle. SENSUAL (Dec., 339 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin