With her life in danger, Rachael Lospostos changes her name and flees the U.S. for the South American jungles. When a cobra is left in her room and bandits attack the boat she's riding in, Rachael slips overboard and flees into the jungle, looking for shelter.

Shapeshifter Rio Santana is returning from another successful rescue mission. Along with his small leopard companions, Rio looks forward to getting home. The discovery that someone has entered his house puts them all on high alert. Rachael is terrified by the appearance of two small leopards and one giant one. A battle ensues, and her leg is badly bitten. Suddenly, her wounds are being tended to by a large, angry man. Did she imagine the larger leopard and the moment it seemed to change forms?

Rio's anger at the invasion turns to concern when he realizes the intruder is a woman running for her life. The fact that the assassin following her is also a shapeshifter only complicates matters. Who is Rachael and why does someone want her dead?

Kicking off another terrific new series, the highly talented Feehan explores the world of shapeshifters. The leopard people were first introduced in an earlier short story, and more of their mythology is unveiled in this fascinating book. (Feb., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith