McLane's follow-up novel to Hot Summer Nights takes readers on a journey to Crystal Island's Wild Ride resort, a tropical paradise complete with roller coasters and a carnival-like atmosphere.

In "Whiplash," travel writer Andi Cooper is on assignment to write a review of the Wild Ride, which is owned by sexy entrepreneur Oliver "Max" Maxwell. Max allows Andi to stay in his penthouse suite while he takes up residence elsewhere in the hotel. Their first meeting establishes the sensual allure present as their relationship develops, and each must learn to trust the other.

"Hold on Tight" tells the story of Max's beautiful blonde assistant, Krista Ross, as she meets cowboy turned country-singing sensation Travis Mackey. Though she wants to keep their relationship platonic, she can't deny the attraction between them as she uncovers the fragile side of Travis' tough-guy image.

The final novella, "Worth the Wait," focuses on Cole Forrester and Jenna Wagner as they vacation in the honeymoon suite his sister and her husband were forced to abandon (after Cole's brother-in-law got a big break with a major baseball team). Jenna has harbored a crush on Cole since they were in high school, and she doesn't believe that he feels the same way toward her. But when the attraction sizzles, Jenna is afraid to continue their romance. She doesn't want to be just another of his many flings. Should she take a chance?

Scintillating romance set against the backdrop of a tropical island paradise takes readers to new heights in this captivating collection of erotic novellas. The three tales are steamy and fast-paced, combining descriptive romance with creative love stories. (Mar., 304 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick