Image of The Wild Rose


Image of The Wild Rose

Donnelly completes the Rose trilogy with the sweep and grandeur of an epic romance, the tragedy and triumph of a classic saga and the action-adventure of a thriller. Her three-dimensional characters leap from the pages, the historical details are mingled with their personal stories and the action envelops readers from the world of prewar England, far into the Himalayas and African wilderness. Donnelly captures the nuances of the era as well as Barbara Taylor Bradford or Belva Plain. Brava!

Years after Seamie Barstow, suffragette Fiona’s brother, meets Willa Alden in the Himalayas, he has not forgotten their night together or the love he professed. But as an explorer and independent woman Willa could not return his love. After meeting his sister’s friend, Jenny, Seamie sees himself falling in love again. Meanwhile the suffragette movement has reached a new levels, the police use violence against the marchers, drawing other members of the family into the fight for women’s rights. Enter Max von Brandt, a European playboy on a mission for Hitler, whose charm and gallantry gain him entry into the family. As they move through the years before the war, in and out of each other’s lives, from ballrooms to desert sands, mountain heights to prisons and Parliament, from sexual liaisons to undying love and treason to patriotism, the Barstow family and friends survive and claim the love and joys they deserve. (HYPERION, Aug., 640 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin