Choosing to teach instead of marry has left Miss Jane Engle with no family or husband of her own. As she closes the door of her one-room schoolhouse for the summer, she wonders how she'll get through the lonely months ahead. She is sure to be bored to tears without the smiling faces of her students to greet her each day.

But when Jane reads a pirate book one of her students leaves behind in his desk, she finds herself transported to a 1722 British sailing ship that is under attack by the notorious Caribbean pirate, Captain Garrett Michaels.

When the fierce pirate takes Jane captive by holding a knife to her throat, she realizes she's in for the thrill of her life. What a story she'll have to tell her young students—if she returns.

Wild Roses for Miss Jane is an adventure that will capture readers from start to finish. Likeable and courageous characters fill the pages of this creatively penned pirate romance. Sensual (Jun., 355 pp., $16.50)
Reviewed by: 
Tanya Kacik