Sarah Bass is the daughter, sister and niece of Texas Rangers. When her stage is robbed and she recognizes one of the outlaws as her brother's second in command, Billy Cooper, Sarah is determined to save him from a life of crime.

Using the skills she's been taught by her relatives, Sarah tracks Billy to the bandits' hideout and gets in posing as Billy's fianc.

Billy is stunned when Sarah arrives, but goes along with the game, offering her his protection and his bed.

Little does Sarah know that Billy is masquerading as a fugitive as part of her brother's plan to capture the gang and expose the leader.

Once Sarah returns to her family, Billy continues his charade, sinking deeper into a life of crime. However, when Sarah's uncle realizes she is pregnant, he forces her and Billy to marry. Billy must return to complete his mission, leaving Sarah to find a way to help her husband clear his name and catch the real villain so they can start a new life together.

WILD TEXAS BRIDE is an action-packed romance with believable, memorable characters who will steal your heart. It's a story you'll never want to see end. SENSUAL (Aug., 400pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Dickmann