Who doesn't love a cowboy? Nobody, that's who! This set of four stories set
in the small town of Wayback, Texas, is a good example of why. The heroes have hearts of gold and the breaks
and bruises that go along with being
a real cowboy. While each story is pleasant enough to read on its own,
the only thing that ties them together is the town and the annual rodeo. The book would have benefited from some storyline crossover.

In "Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon," by Thedford, rodeo cowboy Nash Logan is a foster child who has grown up looking for a home to call his own. When he meets Gina Ballew at a saloon during the rodeo in Wayback, sparks fly. Is Gina the home Nash has been looking for?

Hawk Riley is a cowboy with a past in Rochelle's "Shadow of the Hawk." When his truck falls on him while he's changing a flat tire on his way to a job interview, it's his bad luck that prospective boss Maggie Devereaux is the one to find him.

Wayback mayor Luc Fremont is a cowboy with a mission in "Wrong Side of Love," by Kaye. With his 30th birthday approaching Luc has two goals: riding Storm Trooper, his bull nemesis, for a full eight seconds and convincing beauty-shop owner Lili Marlene to go to bed with him.

When Major Drew Lawson returns to the family ranch in Wayback, he hopes to put the past behind him in "All the Way Back," by Pape. While at the local eatery, Drew runs into Annie Zykov, an old friend's sister who had a major crush on him growing up. Will love come home to roost with Drew and Annie? (WILD ROSE PRESS, Nov., 368 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler