A bet to spend a hot weekend with
the man or men of your friends' choice becomes a wild adventure for three
best friends -- and the reader. "Wild," "Wicked" and "Wanton" are three
short stories, each with a specific fantasy: bondage, menage a trois and voyeurism and exhibitionism. The characters are well developed, considering
the length of each story, and the way the stories intertwine makes for a great time.

Divorced vet Abby Lawson has been alone for longer than she cares to think about. Dr. Mike Nottingham and Dr. Seth Jacobs both want her, and after a night of very hot sex with the two hunks, Abby is confused. She's extremely attracted to Mike, but it's Seth who touches her heart in "Wild."

Blair is up next, in "Wicked." After years of avoiding Rand McKay, her best friends make him the object of their bet. Do they know what Rand's brand of lovemaking will do to Blair? Only time will tell.

Cassie is "Wanton" when she goes out with a man with the same sexual desires and basic values. But will the difference in their social status ruin what future they could have? (Berkley Heat, May, 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager