Teglia pits city women against
western guys for an enjoyable and
definitely hot trio of reads. Readers
will be hankering for these cowboys
to leave their boots anywhere in the bedroom they want.

Poetry night at the Lemon Espresso sets the stage for Gabe to fixate on sultry, out-of-his-league Willow, but he's about to discover that "A Man's Word Is His Bondage."

Almost-attorney Jolie hooks up with Chet for what she thinks will be a one-night stand, but her guy convinces her that one night just might not be enough in "Ready to Play."

A whisper in coffee-house owner Laura's ear makes her weak in the knees, but that's nothing compared to what rancher Reuben can do with her body in "Reuben's Rules." (St. Martin's Griffin, Aug., 320 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith