The daughter of a sea captain, Hannah Wright needs to find a way to get to her fianci, Allen Pritchard, in San Francisco. The solution presents itself when Hannah sees an advertisement for a ships navigator. All she has to do is convince Capt. James MacRae that shes capable.

James is sorely in need of a navigator who will help him win the prize money for making it around the cape to San Francisco in record time and has little choice but to take Hannah.

James wants no entanglements. But as Hannah proves herself, James is forced to admit his respect and feelings for her. Though Hannah knows she loves James she also knows she will never marry him because she craves stability.

Once in San Francisco, Hannah finds Allen completely changed. He has caught gold fever. Though James proposes marriage, Hannah refuses, but they spend one blissful night together before James sets sail.

Then Hannah decides to return to New York and meets James at the dock. Circumstances force these two stubborn characters together, but will they ever find a way to compromise?

Ms. Goodger has created two strong-minded main characters and a cast of secondary characters that engage readers emotions. This romance travels across the seas and a gamut of emotions as the lovers find their path to happiness. Enjoy this sea-faring adventure. SENSUAL (Aug., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner