Alexander de Perigeaux returns home as an honored warrior only to see the woman who scorned his love and broke his heart ten years before.

Forced to choose between her family and the man she loved, Nicolette had to let Alex go, spurning their young love to marry another and give him an heir.

Ten years later she is still childless and her husband is dying. St. Clair will do what he must to have an heir, even asking Alex to seduce his wife, impregnate her and then leave her and the child. Alex's chivalry forbids accepting such a dishonorable request, but old passions die hard and seeing Nicolette brings desire back in full force.

Like Alex, Nicolette cannot stop the desire that sweeps them into a passionate reunion. Yet neither has any idea that another hungers for Nicolette, and while they are seeking to recapture the purity of their long-lost love, that very love and their lives are threatened.

This is a powerful, absorbing story readers will cherish. Ms. Ryan earns a place of honor on Medieval romance readers' shelves with this masterful tale that brings an era, a people and a brilliant love story to life. Fans of Anita Mills, Denise Domning, Roberta Gellis and Sharon Kay Penman rejoice, here's another star! SENSUAL (Feb., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin