Margaret Ann Malone is shocked by her step-fathers suggestion that she break his unjustly accused son out of Yuma Prison. Though Maggie is a detective, and a darn good one, no one has ever asked her to work on the wrong side of the law. But if she can free Ben Carver and prove him innocent, then she would be doing the right thing.

Hawk Reynolds is out to get the men who killed his family; a gang of bank robbers, including Ben Carver, when he learns that someone has been hired to break Ben out of prison. Determined to stop this travesty, Hawk follows Maggie, waiting and watching, planning how to seduce the little lady and recapture Ben.

With the first half of her mission a success and Ben on his way to safety, Maggie sets about investigating the robbery and proving Bens innocence when she meets the handsome Hawk. Their mutual attraction and interests fling them together, and when the opportunity presents itself, they marry as part of their work. Hawk wonders just what Maggie will say when she finds out what he wants with Ben.

Their investigation proves exciting as they track down the other members of the gang, only to find themselves walking into peril.

Janelle Taylor fills her western romantic mystery with numerous details of the fascinating history of Arizona, as well as taking readers on a journey into danger and passion. Though not as fast-paced or as sensual as many of Ms. Taylors other novels, WILD WINDS is a solid, enjoyable read. SENSUAL (Aug., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin