Image of Wild Wolf (Pack)


Image of Wild Wolf (Pack)

WILD WOLF (4) by Karen Whiddon: Sent to investigate a feral wolf shifter, Protector Simon Caldwell finds her far more civilized than he expects, even though Raven lives in the woods with a wolf pack and spends much of her time in wolf form. He tries to convince her to move back to society, so she can prove she's civilized and won't have to be terminated, but Raven refuses. When a wolf in her pack attacks Simon and he doesn't check in on time, Simon's boss sends someone to kill Raven. Strangely attracted to Raven, Simon sets out to protect her. Whiddon keeps readers riveted from the start with nonstop action. Simon's urge to protect Raven is sexy, and Raven's independence makes her a well-drawn contemporary female character.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay