Matalia McTaver (daughter of Ronin and Kalial from Under a Wild Sky), possesses her own magic and an overwhelming spirit of independence. Determined not to marry—but eager to experience the secrets of the marriage bed—she abducts a stranger wandering through the woods and holds him captive, tied to a bed, so she can learn about pleasure.

Little does she know she has sealed her fate. Her captive is Brogan O'Bannon, an earl's exiled son. When the secret is discovered she is quickly wed to Brogan, who brings his bride home to Kirkcauldy in an attempt to claim his rightful place as his father's heir. Only his twin brother stands in his way.

Kirkcauldy is a vipers' nest where brother is pitted against brother, father against son, husband against wife. Somehow Matalia must find a way to survive her enemies, claim Brogan's love and set them all free of their painful past.

Dark and filled with potent sensuality and rough sex (à la early Johanna Lindsey), Lord's latest pushes the boundaries with an emotionally intense, sexually charged tale. The searing love scenes might be overwhelming for some but those who crave a more erotic experience will be more than satisfied. VERY SENSUAL (Aug., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin