When an assassination attempt is made on a Democratic presidential can-didate, the FBI begins a high-priority investigation—which includes maverick special agent Tom Lawton only on a marginal basis. Though the task he's assigned shouldn't lead anywhere, Tom still manages to turn up sensitive information, and he's taken off the case completely.

Enter Renate Bächle, a mysterious European operative who offers to help Tom in his quest. First order of business: staying alive long enough to discover who exactly is responsible for the shooting, and what else they're planning.

Readers looking for a passionate romance won't find it here, though the relationship between Renate and Tom does have promise. Instead, Lee offers a timely, harrowing peek into political machinations on several continents, beginning what's certain to be a fascinating series. (Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer