Rancher Catie Wilds likes her men on the rough side, sexually experimental and every bit the alpha male. Not interested in commitment, she'd rather live for today and skip the "happily ever after."

While Sheriff Jarrod Savage is investigating cattle rustling one night, he finds Catie enjoying the vicarious pleasures of playing voyeur. The excitement of watching her watching someone else is too much for Jarrod—he decides to tame her and make her his own personal seductress. Can he get beyond Catie's fear of settling down?

Once again, McCray's vibrant, pulsing characters and sizzling sex will thrill readers. Catie is an independent, tough and passionate woman, and Jarrod is a fantasy alpha male. Readers won't want to miss this one! (dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel