Image of Wildcat (The Cat Star Chronicles)


Image of Wildcat (The Cat Star Chronicles)

The ninth in Brooks’ Cat Star Chronicles is pure alien/human romance. The slow burn between horse breeder Sara and former brothel star Jerden is delicious, and when they finally realize they may need each other to heal, the consummation of their relationship is scorching hot. An added delight is the mystery of who wants to harm Sara’s prize stallion. All combined, they add
up to a book that keeps you turning pages in a series that’s far from going stale.

Sara Shield settles on the frontier planet of Terra Minor to escape her past and start her horse-breeding ranch. Meeting Zetithian Jerden Morokovitz is not in her plans, and yet here he is. But Jerden is broken: The murder of his former lover left him nearly insane from grief. When he finds himself inexplicably attracted to Sara, he vows to heal her like she has healed him. Unfortunately, more than one person would like to see them kept apart. (SOURCEBOOKS, Feb., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo