Image of Wilder: The Chosen Ones


Image of Wilder: The Chosen Ones

Dodd wraps up her thrilling Chosen Ones series in superb fashion with a romantic Beauty and the Beast homage. The struggle against Satan rising in the form of evil mastermind Osgood reaches its chilling climax as the Chosen Ones and their allies face the ultimate threat. A master storyteller, Dodd packs in dangerous adventure, noble sacrifice and undying passion to create a truly satisfying finale!

After seven years of battling against Osgood and his mission to bring Satan to power, Charisma Fangorn is beneath New York City, fighting demons. She is losing and close to death when she is rescued by a “beast” called the Guardian. Three years ago Chosen One Aleksandr Wilder disappeared after going off with the woman he had fallen for, leaving everyone to wonder about his fate. Aleksandr was betrayed and experimented on, leaving behind a literal beast with no memory of his past. As he nurses the wounded Charisma, a bond begins to form between them. Time is running out: If they can’t fulfill a prophecy, the world is doomed! (SIGNET SELECT, Aug., 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith