When she overhears her brother discussing her impending death, English lady Laura Middlebrook goes into a shocked mourning for herself. On the same day, Sean Wilder of Wilder Investigations arrives to conduct business with her family and shows real concern for Laura.

Laura decides to make her last days exciting and seeks out Sean, offering him a fortune in exchange for marrying her. He's led an exciting life: from the rumors circulating that he is an illegitimate son of the Prince of Wales to his dangerous travels. In short, he's the perfect choice for making what's left of Laura's ordinary life extraordinary.

Sean realizes Laura knows nothing about him, but he can't refuse a dying woman's last wish. They marry and leave for Paris on what Sean believes will be a simple investigation. But he's underestimated the serious nature of the threatening letters he's been getting. Problems begin when his new relationship with Laura mirrors one in his past.

Sean helps Laura live life in the manner she desires and both discover the special pain of loving when there seems to be no future. Lyn Stone gives her heroine assumptions about her impending death a touch of human comedy without pessimism. This romance hits all the right spots. SENSUAL (May, 298 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger