Ladies companion Anne Hazlett longs for adventure, but being shipwrecked is not exactly what she had in mind. Along with Anne is Horatio Merivale, her employers suitor, and a mixed group of other survivors.

The unlikely crew does manage to endure difficult days at sea; being captured by nefarious pirates and escaping their clutches; sailing eastward to uncharted islands where strange adventures and dangers lurkbut where opportunity awaits as well.

Through all these wildly exciting events, Horatio takes the backseat, allowing Anne to have her way. He knows that by giving her the gift of choice and independence he is granting her wildest dream.

It is not the exhilarating Indiana Jones-type adventures that make THE WILDEST SHORE such an exciting :romance, but Ms. Cachs hero, who is willing to give the woman he loves everything she desiresnot material trappings, but freedom and the chance to be who she was meant to be. That is a gift every woman dreams about and one that is often ignored by writers. So cast aside civilization and allow yourself to be swept away into a new kind of womens fantasy. SENSUAL (Oct., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin