Rancher Dee McLeod has been alone for the last 10 years—ever since Jake Reynolds broke her heart and moved on. Nicknamed the "ice queen" by her ranch hands, Dee is merely waiting for someone man enough to take care of her.

Now Jake is back and working as a local lawman. He's also come to reclaim Dee, whom he can't get off his mind and out of his system. But she doesn't quite trust him anymore and holds back as much as she can. Jake has a lot of convincing to do. Can Dee resist this sexy cowboy?

Cheyenne McCray has written another winner with WILDFIRE. A steamy, sexy hero in Jake; a hot, willing woman in Dee—the combination is sizzling and explosive and readers will be thrilled with the added suspense! This story will make readers hungry for more. I can't wait for the sequels! (dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel