Image of Wildfire: A Novel


Image of Wildfire: A Novel

This story is slow to start, but it catches the imagination as you're pulled into the wake of a war seen through the eyes of a camp follower. Despite being a twig caught in the river of events,
the main character is shrewd and interesting, and one is compelled to turn
the page to see how she will navigate through the harsh, unforgiving and sometimes rewarding currents of
her world. This is an entertaining
tale, though the rich descriptions
and cultural details outshine rather
flat characters.

Firethorn is a willful and intelligent woman. While pursuing her lover into war, though he left her behind and forbade her to follow, she is struck by lightning. With her tongue addled and one eye partially blinded, Firethorn is believed by many to be touched by the gods. When she is taken by an enemy king to be his captive seer, she uses her wits and resourcefulness to rise from the lowest slave to the height of luxury and renown. But along the way she finds that the price for such success may be too high. (SCRIBNER, Jul., 517 pp., $30.00)

Reviewed by: 
S.L. Rosania