Image of Wildwood Creek: A Novel


Image of Wildwood Creek: A Novel

Full of suspense, mystery, and romance, Wildwood Creek is a must read. The juxtaposition of modern-day and 1861 Texas allows readers to fully engage in both stories, and be equally intrigued at the growing suspense of both time periods. Wingate’s use of foreshadowing is extraordinary, and readers will devour this novel late into the night. Readers get a climax with a twist they won’t see coming.

Bonnie Rose is a young schoolteacher in 1861 with a blemished past. She wants to move on, but something feels wrong, and evil begins to threaten Bonnie and those she loves most in Wildwood, Texas. In the present, Allie Kirkland has landed a summer job with a TV show produced by a famous director. She is playing the part of Bonnie Rose. As the summer progresses, there is something dark lingering — something more evil than Allie ever sees coming. It seems the troubling history of Wildwood is destined to repeat itself. (BETHANY HOUSE, Feb., 384 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Frobisher