Jesse James is livid when she discovers that she won't inherit her father's bed-and-breakfast unless she marries or gives birth to a son. Determined not to lose her inheritance, she decides to solve her dilemma with a one-night stand with William Jones.

But after he tracks her down, Jesse can't easily dismiss him from her life. When he discovers the terms of her father's will, he offers his assistance. A marriage of convenience is not what Jesse had in mind, but with few takers, she doesn't have much choice.

Though not the most unique story, this book is no less intriguing for it. With vivid details, it move fairly quickly. Will exudes an outwardly sexy appeal, while Jesse slowly blossoms from a shy girl into a woman with a confidence that gains appeal with each advancing page. Light humor adds further excitement. Jesse and Will leave a lasting impression that will make readers want to read about them over and over again. (Oct., 241 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton