Image of Will Power


Image of Will Power

Hartley's latest stands classical
fantasy tales on their heads and
shakes them a little to see what's inside. The sardonic and self-absorbed hero sets just the right tone and leads
the way through this fast-paced and lightheartedly cynical story. Definitely
a great read.

Self-proclaimed actor and con man Will Hawthorne is on the Diamond Empire's most-wanted list -- and he's on the run. So when he and his band of rebel friends are caught in a sticky situation, they are only too happy to accept the help of a mysterious ambassador. But his aid becomes suspect when the band is magically whisked to a strange land, a land where myths and legends live and breathe -- and attack!

The friends are separated when two are captured by Orcs straight out of a bedtime story. Will and the rest of his companions are rescued by a magic-wielding, heroic member of the Fair Folk. But as Will and his friends discover, all that glitters is definitely, probably, not gold. (TOR, Feb., 316 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
S.L. Rosania