Image of Willing Sacrifice: The Sentinel Wars


Image of Willing Sacrifice: The Sentinel Wars

Throughout a number of Butcher’s previous Sentinel Wars novels, the heartwrenching drama of Theronai warrior Torr and the all-too-human Grace has been previewed. Award-winning Butcher’s phenomenal world is filled with sacrifice and duty that places tremendous burdens on her protagonists. Their incredible struggles showcase all of Butcher’s exceptional talent for plot, characterization and storytelling!

When Grace used a special device to take warrior Torr’s devastating injuries onto herself, she demonstrated her love and determination that he live to fight against the evil Synestryn. Torr is angry and horrified knowing these injuries will kill Grace, so when the powerful goddess-like Brenya offers to take Grace and hopefully heal her, Torr agrees. When Torr is abruptly pulled to another world by Brenya, he learns that she needs his help to stop an invasion portal from being built. Torr also finds a physically healed Grace, who regrettably is missing major chunks of her memories — including those of Torr. Torr swears not to inform Grace of their past, but it may not matter: The attraction between them is still white hot! (SIGNET, Mar., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith