Sassy, snappy and sexy, A WILLING SPIRIT is an entreating time-travel with a twist. Deb Stover is the genre's newest star.

Newly divorced Winnie Sinclair is trying to find some peace when she meets Paul Weathers, her ex-husband's divorce lawyer, on a yacht. Their instantaneous sexual attraction could set off a storm, but it's a real violent tempest that sends them spinning back in time to 1896 Indiana Territory.

The ranch hands who rescue Winnie assume that she is the new governess hired to teach Amanda to be a lady. Winnie realizes that she must make the best of this strange twist of fate until she meets U.S. Marshall Sam Weathers.

He may call himself Sam, but Winnie believes he is really Paul, masquerading as the handsome lawman. But his eyes are a different color and he doesn't talk or think like Paul.

When Paul finds himself out of time he witnesses Sam's cold-blooded murder and agrees to let the spirit of his dead great-great grandfather use his body to catch the killer.

With Paul and Sam sharing the same physical body and Winnie there to inflame both their passions, things get interesting. Add Amanda's jealousy, a vicious killer, sexual tension galore, and then the fact that the man Sam/Paul is after is her ancestor, and you have one exciting, unusual and very special time-travel romance.

(Oct., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin