Image of A Win-Win Proposition


Image of A Win-Win Proposition

A WIN-WIN PROPOSITION (4.5) by Cat Schield: Sexy, sassy and romantic, this tale is a real win-win for readers. Plain Jane Missy Ward is at a critical juncture, turning 30, dropped by her fiancé and with no prospects for a future family. So during a business convention in Las Vegas, she treats herself to a makeover and quits her job. Boss Sebastian Case is pretty sure Missy has lost her mind — and he knows if she walks out he’ll lose his. She’s been the perfect administrative assistant for this workaholic. But Missy’s transformed herself and suddenly Sebastian has more than business on his mind. Missy makes him a bet, one spin of the roulette wheel: if she loses, she’ll stay on. If she wins, she wants one night in sexy Sebastian’s bed to send her on her way. Who could lose?

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper