Image of Winchester Christmas Wedding


Image of Winchester Christmas Wedding
WINCHESTER CHRISTMAS WEDDING (4) by B.J. Daniels: The mysteries should just about be over now, what with a Winchester family wedding about to take place on the old homestead. But when agent T.D. Waters rides onto Winchester land, there’s another whole box ready to be opened up and it could get lots of people killed. Lizzy Calder practically grew up on the neighboring ranch, so when her boss sends her after “rogue” agent T.D., she’s right at home until her childhood friends, the McCormick girls, start raising red flags of worry. What secret are they protecting? What is T.D. doing on the ranch of a family in turmoil, and how many people are going to die before all those secrets are revealed? Closing out the Winchesters storyline, Daniels takes us right back to the folks of Whitehorse, tying in two storylines as she deftly wraps up the ongoing murder mystery in a more than satisfactory fashion.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper