Image of Wind Warrior


Image of Wind Warrior

O'Banyon's attention to detail brings
a Blackfoot Indian village and its inhabitants alive. The fast-paced plot takes readers on an emotional roller coaster through danger, suspense
and passion, with a touch of the
paranormal thrown in. Her Indian
historical romances are entertaining and satisfying.

Marianna Bryant is captured by Blackfoot Indians when she is 13. She soon adapts to their way of life and learns to love her new family.

Wind Warrior has always known he was born to lead his people. When he meets Marianna, now Rain Song, he recognizes her as his future mate. But Dull Knife, Wind Warrior's brother and Marianna's captor, has already claimed her. The bad blood between the brothers flares to a raging fire as the two fight for the same woman. (LEISURE, Feb., 292 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Linda Roberts