In the third O'Connell family novel, Dr. Ellen O'Connell is returning from new medical procedure study in Paris when she learns the Lord of Chesterfield's younger brother lies near death and she is the only doctor in the area.

Though George Chesterfield is her first patient, Ellen uses her new skills to operate on his head wound and save his life. She is elated by her success but Jordan, Lord Chesterfield, disturbs her.

Despite rumors that Jordan is to marry, he and Ellen begin a friendship that slowly builds into more. When he learns her secret and asks her to marry him (letting him avoid an unwanted marriage), she reluctantly agrees.

The trip home is a time to know one another better and Ellen begins to taste what love is all about in Jordan's arms. Even in Montana, where he's a greenhorn, Jordan takes his place in her family, working along side her stubborn father and wins everyone's respect.

Their love grows into a strong bond. Jordan encourages Ellen to practice medicine. Then a man from Ellen's past returns, threatening all she holds dear.

WINDFALL is a powerful relationship book about two unlikely lovers and the intense bond they build. Ms. Carmichael proves that love is kind, gentle, sensual and strong and that with the right man, love can also heal. Well-crafted and beautifully rendered, this is a lovely summer gift from Ms. Carmichael. SENSUAL (Aug., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin