For Kate Kilpatrick an internship in Valley Oaks is a stop-off on her journey toward a career as journalist. And her friendship with Tanner Carlucci is just that. Dubbed "Adonis" by the locals, Tanner couldn't have romantic interest in a flame-haired nerd. Goes to show what she knows about God's plan for THE WINDING ROAD HOME (3). Adele, Kate's landlady, struggles to raise her teenage daughter. She has a good life as the director of the community's nursing home, then two men come to town: one, a good-looking stranger; the other, a dying old man who carries a secret that could shatter her world. Sally John writes snappy dialogue, and her characterization is distinct and appealing. However, the story was slow to capture my interest. (Jul., 348 pp., $10.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson