The problem with Charlotte Boyett-Compos vividly written first installment of the Wind Legends Saga is that the hero and heroine are basically children. Liza lies to Conar for nearly 500 pages, knowingly causing him pain. Conar responds by behaving like a spoiled brat. In the end, Prince Conar finds out the all too predictable truth, and is satisfied with an explanation that makes little sense to the reader.

Prince Conar McGregor has embarrassed himself in front of the mysterious, beautiful Liza. On his way home to Boreas, three thieves and their innkeeper accomplice attack the future king and nearly succeed in killing him. But Conar is a skilled fighter, and is certain he could have handled the thugs by himself. He definitely didnt need some girl to save his life.

Liza is amused by the arrogant Prince Regent, in spite of his narrow-minded view of the female sex. Then and there, she decides that he is her destiny, and tells him so.

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Reviewed by: 
Christine Chambers