Ms. Bruce captures the imagination with in-depth character and plot. Sit back and enjoy this original read.

Diedre Brown's position as a cataloguer of rare books suits her perfectly. Working for eccentric millionaire Sam Vanderbrief allows her access to his fabulous collection of books from the Mid-West. But as Diedre reads Sarah Morgan's diary, strange things begin to happen.

Diedre finds herself back in 1887. She is in the arms of Jesse Colburn and miscarrying her child. Diedre finally realizes that she and Sarah have exchanged places and Sarah is living in 1997. However, when Diedre looks at Jesse, she sees the kind of man who could make her happy.

There are many obstacles for Diedre to overcome, such as getting along with her new father, John Morgan, and fighting off Simon Brolyn's advances.

When Diedre is forced to the altar with Simon, Jesse intervenes and becomes her groom. But the life they begin is based on lies and secrets. Slowly a trust develops, however people and events conspire to keep Diedre in the past while Sarah is enjoying 20th-century living!

How can both Sarah and Diedre find their perfect place in time?

(Oct., 351 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner