This story just doesn't bring it to the table. Even though Savannah might have been mostly spared during Sherman's March, the people in this story seem to have bounced back
from the war none the worse for wear. As for the hero, his war hero status doesn't seem to have helped him
grow a spine. He is constantly pushed around and manipulated by the women in his life, and it's hard to understand why he has so many women falling at his feet.

A prisoner of war for two years, Confederate Captain Sinclair McGregor returns home to find his home sold and his beloved married to his worst enemy. He's forced to move in with his grandmother, a hateful old lady who detests him.

When his true love is arrested for killing her husband, Sinclair's grandmother offers to save her from the gallows -- if Sinclair marries his enemy's sister to gain control of their family home again. What follows is a confusing story of manipulation, murder, adultery and even incest. (, dl $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler