Image of Winds of the Storm


Image of Winds of the Storm
The long-awaited sequel to Through the Storm picks up as Zahra Lafayette (aka Butterfly) arrives in New Orleans to collect information for President Grant. Posing as the infamous madam Domino, she unexpectedly encounters Archer Le Veq, the man she rescued during the Civil War. Zahra is a strong, principled woman who finds Archer too handsome, wealthy and arrogant. But if she is to succeed in her assignment, she needs his help.

As owner of an exclusive hotel, Archer is intrigued by the newest and most infamous brothel in the Quarter and is determined to see what the woman behind the mask is truly like. Their delicious cat-and-mouse game nearly distracts Zahra from her mission. She was attracted to Archer before and now being near him is almost as dangerous as locating the notorious "death books" and exposing a powerful group of murderers.

Jenkins combines accurate and little-known historical details with bold heroes and sassy heroines whose smart repartee will take your breath away. Integrate this with a colorful backdrop and a hot romance, and who could ask for more? SENSUAL (May, 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin