Image of Windwalker: The Prophecy Series


Image of Windwalker: The Prophecy Series

McCall has created a unique and intriguing tale featuring an old prophecy and the end of the Earth. Readers will love this novel both for its strong female lead and her super-hot soul mate. The interplay of destiny, free will and the tremendous strength of love makes for an entertaining, well-crafted story that readers will thoroughly enjoy.

One minute Layla Birdsong is defending herself against a gang of rapists and the next she is the chosen one to deliver her people from the Earth’s destruction. Learning from an ancient Windwalker, Niyol, about how to protect and lead her people, Layla begins to experience a passion she never could have anticipated. But with the stakes so high, will she have more than just a brief taste of romance with Niyol? As the end of the Earth approaches, Layla must look inward to find the strength to lead the Native American Nation to the land of their ancestors and beyond. (SHARONSALABOOKS.COM, Sep., 358 pp, $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper