A more apt title for this dark story
might have been "Windwalker's Child," because it's set in motion by the actions of a 4-year-old. While some of the flashback scenes are disturbing, Carter successfully integrates her paranormal tale into contemporary Maryland.

Shannon Bryce ran away from home at fourteen after her psychic abilities caused an accident. Befriended by Nathan Lange and his cult-leader father, she joins a cult waiting for the Windwalker but flees after a mating rite with Nathan that leaves her pregnant with the Windwalker's child. Five years later, with her son's telekinetic ability growing and Nathan's father stalking her, Shannon contacts Nathan for help.

Nathan's never forgotten Shannon, but he's startled to discover he has a child -- albeit one who claims to have a second father. If the elder Lange succeeds in snatching Daniel, opening the gate and welcoming the Windwalker, the end of the world could be at hand.

(AMBER QUILL, 2008, 165 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice