Image of Wine, Tarts, & Sex


Image of Wine, Tarts, & Sex

This is a medium-paced romance jam-packed with erotic scenes involving interesting locales and detailed descriptions. Johnson wraps up the subplot in a convenient manner and even the tension
surrounding the main character is resolved with minimal fuss. Though light on plot, readers who aren't bothered by strong, crude language will be pleased with the level of sensuality.

Jake Chambers has moved to Minnesota for some RandR, with plans to renovate a new restaurant. Olivia Bell, a retired cover model, is content with cultivating her grapes and selling her wines. When Liv meets Jake during a wine delivery, sparks fly -- and their bodies react. Amid restaurant renovations and a houseguest on the run, they forge a highly charged erotic relationship that's threatened when Jake's feelings about Liv's wine are revealed. (Berkley Sensation, Jul., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen